Plaintiff’s attorneys have filed a wave of lawsuits against various AI tools under a variety of legal theories. Most have had no success so far. Many of the asserted claims have been dismissed for lack of sufficiently pleaded facts to state a claim or for being legally untenable claims. Some of these dismissals have been without prejudice, meaning the plaintiffs get another chance to properly plead a viable claim. In one of the most recent decisions, claims in a nearly 200 page amended complaint were dismissed without prejudice. In a terse decision, the Court excoriated Plaintiff’s rambling complaint’s unnecessary length and distracting allegations, which according to the Court made “it nearly impossible to determine the adequacy of the plaintiffs’ legal claims.” The Court called out rhetoric and policy grievances that are not suitable for resolution by federal courts, including comparing AI’s risks to humanity to the risks posed by the development of nuclear weapons.Continue Reading Lawsuits Against Web Scraping to Train AI